In a society that is tormented by a collective anxiety, Psychotherapy means change, not adjustment.

I am a UKCP registered Psychotherapist offering counselling and psychotherapy in Walthamstow East London E17. Psychotherapy is an opportunity to understand yourself and your relationships to others, within and relating to the broader social context. People come to psychotherapy to address urgent problems they may be experiencing, as well as to pursue a desire to find their place in the world. For me therapy is also a creative process and this is all the more important in a society obsessed with consumption. Each person’s therapy is a unique creation and this creativity can, in time, be expressed in everyday life. I provide a flexibility of mind to the process and draw from a broad range of psychotherapeutic theory and practise, as well as from the political and social discourse of dissent. I offer both time limited and long-term psychotherapy and counselling. You can use the service for a few weeks or for a number of years. My practice is located 10 minutes walk from Walthamstow Central station E17 on the Victoria line. Off street parking is available.

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If you are interested in seeing a psychotherapist in Walthamstow East London E17 and would like to discuss booking an initial consultation please email or call 07737 023 193 and leave a voicemail or text.